Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals

Solcoat® Screen Chemicals Line are formulated to maximise the performance of stencils and also compatible to Solcoat Water Resistant Direct Emulsions as well as Solcoat Dual Cure Direct Emulsions. You may choose from the full range of screen Pre-Treatment, Screen cleaning, screen decoating, screen Post-Treatment and specialty chemicals to suit your applications.




Rotary Screen Degreaser
The first step in stencil making is degreasing process. This degreaser solution which removes dust, dirt and oil from new or used fabrics can help to prolong the printing strokes of a stencil, reducing the risk of stencil-making failure and minimizing pinholing problems.

Frame Adhesive
Is a solvent-based adhesive mainly consisting of synthetic rubber. Provides high adhesive strength to metals, heat-resistant and high initial adhesive strength. Due to the outstanding performance to a wide range of materials such as rubber, plastic, wood, leather, aluminium, metal and textile, Frame Adhesive is the ideal choice in the stencil making industry.

Solvent – Frame Adhesive
Serve the purpose of dilution to the Frame Adhesive when it is too thick.

Glue Stripper

A ready-to-use solution for removal of glued fabric and stain from the glued surfaces of used/rejected frame.

Lint Remover
A ready-to-use solution for wiping away the excessive lint from printing- table caused by printing operations. Recommended for T-Shirt printing operations.

Belt Cleaner
A ready-to-use solution for removal of oil, dirt, ink stain, lint and etc. from the conveyor belt. Recommended for textile printing operations.

Film Cleaner
A ready-to-use solution for removal of oil, dirt, stain mark and etc. from films ( positive/negative ).