Screen Post-treatment Chemicals

Screen Post-treatment Chemicals

Solcoat® Screen Chemicals Line are formulated to maximise the performance of stencils and also compatible to Solcoat Water Resistant Direct Emulsions as well as Solcoat Dual Cure Direct Emulsions. You may choose from the full range of screen Pre-Treatment, Screen cleaning, screen decoating, screen Post-Treatment and specialty chemicals to suit your applications.




Haze / Ghost Remover Paste
Cleaning agent for removing of ink-haze or ghost-images and emulsion residues on reclaimed stencils

Hardener X
Hardener X is used after `Exposure and Develop’ processes of screen making. These will improve the stencil durability and excellent water resistance of water-resistant direct emulsion.

Hardener A + BL ( Two Parts Screen Hardener)
Is a two-pot type screen hardener used to improve stencil durability and excellent water resistance to the water-resistant direct emulsion.

Hardener WR / Hardener WR Concentrate
For use before printing process, is another type of hardener mainly used for water-resistant direct emulsion only. Just apply on both sides of stencil after “exposure and washout” process.

Screen Filler
Is a water soluble mesh filler can be used for touch-ups purpose. It coats smoothly, spreads easily and dries fast. For use with solvent base, UV and plastisol inks.