Screen Pre-treatment Chemicals

Screen Pre-treatment Chemicals

Solcoat® Screen Chemicals Line are formulated to maximise the performance of stencils and also compatible to Solcoat Water Resistant Direct Emulsions as well as Solcoat Dual Cure Direct Emulsions. You may choose from the full range of screen Pre-Treatment, Screen cleaning, screen decoating, screen Post-Treatment and specialty chemicals to suit your applications.



Mesh Prep
It is in liquid form and contains mild acid which is ready to be used for degreasing both new and used screens. It’s fast and effective to remove fabric weaving oil on new fabric, perspiration or oil from our skin, dust, and etc.

Screen Degreaser / Screen Degreaser Concentrate
Is a liquid suitable for removing greasy stain, dust and dirt from all type mesh. It will also wet the surface of the mesh thus improving the coating of the emulsion.