Squeegee Rubber

Squeegee Rubber

Description & Features
– In screen-printing, a squeegee is made to spread ink evenly across the back of a stencil or silkscreen. making a clean image on the printed surface.
– The squeegee forces the ink into the screen mesh. keep the mesh in contact with flat-surface, adapts the mesh to the shape of the flat-surface & remove the excess ink from the mesh.
– Screen-printing squeegees manually have much thicker & less flexible blade than the window cleaning variety.
– All of these functions are influenced by the squeegee’s durometer ( hardness),height (free height), profile, angle, length, speed, pressure & edge conditions.
– Solvent resistance, able re-sharpening, perfect elasticity.

  1. Specification
    – Squeegees are made of flexible rubber and made in various shapes for silk screening industry use.