SOLCOAT® DC / 9500

SOLCOAT® DC / 9500

A general purpose solvent-base emulsion which is formulated for widest range of applications. These
premium emulsion is for use with plastisol, UV, Water-base and solvent-base ink. Produces stencil with
superb resolution and excellent edge definition. Dyed a sky-blue and is an excellent choice when it comes
to quality and value. Supplied with Diazo Powder. Suggeste  applications are general screen printing, halftones printing, Printed circuit boards, ceramic tiles, decals, posters and etc.

Appearance    :    Sky Blue
Exposure    :    Fast
Solids Content    :    App. 35%
Viscosity    :    5000 cps

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Application Methods:
1. Dissolve the diazo powder in 40-100cc of water and shake well.
2. Pour diazo liquid into emulsion and mix thoroughly. (Note: use only stirrer made of wood, plastic     or stainless steel only.)
3. Sensitized emulsion should stand for at least 2 hours (preferably overnight) to allow air bubbles     caused by mixing to rise to the surface and break. Eventually this will minimize or eliminate     pinholes problem.
4. Apply coating either manually using a scoop coater or with an automatic coater.
5. Thoroughly dry screen in horizontal position, print side down. Temperature should not exceed     105°F (40°C ).
6. Place emulsion side of photo positive in contact with print side of screen. Exposure times for     Solcoat DC/ 9500 will vary depending on your set- up, see exposure guidelines for estimated      times.
7. Gently spray both sides of screen with water, wait 30 seconds then gently wash print side of     the screen. Rinse both sides thoroughly.
8. Dry the stencil thoroughly for 30 minutes or the screen can be exposed to heat, not exceeding     140°F (60°C).

Exposure Guidelines
Below are suggested exposure time for reference purpose only. Users are advised to determine optimal exposure time by using ‘Exposure Calculator’. Individual exposure times may vary depending upon equipment used, bulb age and other environment conditions.

Mesh Type
Coating Method
Estimated Time (Sec)
120T white
1 / 1
3 kw
100 cm
120T white
2 / 3
3 kw
100 cm
53T white
2 / 3
3 kw
100 cm

Shelf-life & Storage
Unsensitized at 20°C Approximately 1 year
Sensitized at 20°C 2-3 weeks
Dark storage at 20°C 1 week

Remove ink completely from the screen with the proper solvent. Apply Stencil Remover Liquid with a brush to both sides of screen. Allow the chemical to work for a few moments until stencil begins to dissolve. By using pressure washer, wash the stencil away completely.

Health and Safety Information:
. For industrial use only.
. Always wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eyes / face protection.
. Keep away from foodstuff and children.
. In case contact with the skin, rinse away with soap and water. Get medical advice if irritation   occurs.
. If case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
. The Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request. The product labels carry the necessary   warnings.

Packing : 6 x 1kg, 4 x 5kg, 1x30kg, 1x50kg, 1x 200kg