Screen Decoating Chemicals

Screen Decoating Chemicals

Solcoat® Screen Chemicals Line are formulated to maximise the performance of stencils and also compatible to Solcoat Water Resistant Direct Emulsions as well as Solcoat Dual Cure Direct Emulsions. You may choose from the full range of screen Pre-Treatment, Screen cleaning, screen decoating, screen Post-Treatment and specialty chemicals to suit your applications.




Stencil Remover Liquid
A very effective ready to use decoatng liquid which will not damage the mesh and will not attack the adhesives glued on frames. Suitable for all mesh types and photoemulsions. It does not work on gelatin films.

Stencil Remover Powder
A powder form decoating concentrate of 250 grams which dissolve into 25 ~ 50 liters of water to become decoating solution. Suitable for all mesh types and photoemulsions. It is not effective on gelatin films.

Screen Cleaner ( Emulsion Stripper )
A very economical priced decoating solution suitable for water-based photoemulsions only. Ideally for textile and T-shirts printing operations.