Screen Cleaning Chemicals

Screen Cleaning Chemicals

Solcoat® Screen Chemicals Line are formulated to maximise the performance of stencils and also compatible to Solcoat Water Resistant Direct Emulsions as well as Solcoat Dual Cure Direct Emulsions. You may choose from the full range of screen Pre-Treatment, Screen cleaning, screen decoating, screen Post-Treatment and specialty chemicals to suit your applications.



TSC 1 (One) Cleaning Solvent
A slow evaporating all purpose cleaner for removing solvent based inks and lacquers from stencils. Able to remain on the mesh for a longer time in case of stubborn contamination.

TSC I Cleaning Solvent
It dries slightly faster and was formulated for the removal of all commonly used solvent-based screen printing inks.

TSC 113 Cleaning Solvent
The formulation is great for removing a two-components inks system.

TSC 23 Cleaning Solvent

A specific formulation preferably use for ceramic screen printing industry.

UV Screen Wash
A universally applicable solvent based screen cleaner. Suitable for solvent based inks and UV inks.

Ink Remover
A mild aromatic odour formulation that does not attack water-based emulsion. Ideally for textile printing operations.