Surface treatment:

Rubbing the end-ring and the screen end with a piece of abrasive paper, then cleaning the rubbed surface with acetone or absolute alcohol, drying.

Preparing the glue:

Mix the components a and b in a ratio of 1: 0.5~1homogeneously on a wooden or a rubber plate.


Coat the binder evenly on both surfaces between the end-ring and the nicked screen with a scraper, coupling and removing the excessive binder.


Curing at 80-120 for 20-30 minutes or 24 hours at interior temperature, or curing at 160-180℃ in a oven with photoemulsion simultaneously.


End-ring binder for rotary screens (1:1)

●Bicomponents a and b, a:b=1:0.5~1

●  Rapid curing, strong adhesive, thermostable and good water resistance

●  Suitable for adhering end-ring to nickel screen


Component a: 1kg per iron tank

Component b: 1kg per iron tank, and 10kg every case.


One year at 5-35℃(in a sealed and dry place).

  • This product belongs to not dangerous article.